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Going from Bad to Worse

Authored by Katie Cook, LMFT

Katie Cook is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who works with school age children, adults, couples, and families. Katie specializes in working with adolescents.

Like many maladies, depression can get worse if left untreated. In fact, research shows that many people whose depression goes untreated find that their symptoms persist and worsen over time. According to a study involving nearly 350 adults who had been diagnosed with mild depressive symptoms, 62 percent experienced major depression four years later without any intervening treatment. Moreover, those facing major depression experienced lower levels of social functioning and were more than six times more likely than non-depressed individuals to have made one or more visits to a psychiatric emergency room in the preceding year. In light of this study, even mild depression should not be regarded as something that will “go away.”

Our counselors can help you treat your depression

Treatment now avoids treatment later. Clearly, it’s vital for your continued well-being to treat even mild depressive symptoms right away. Our caring counselors understand depression and can help you feel better with proven techniques and a safe space. In addition, we can also help you if you are dealing with detrimental effects from stress or anxiety.

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