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Treating Adult ADHD

Authored by Barry Erath, MSSW, LCSW

Barry Erath is the Clinic Director and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

While many people presume attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) to be a childhood disorder, an estimated 4% of U.S. adults also experience it. Advances in behavioral treatment approaches help people on new ways of thinking about, and undertaking, their daily tasks and longer-term goals. Home exercises of self-discipline, planning, time management, and follow through, have helped many compensate for their mild to moderate deficits. Medication therapy combined with behavioral therapy have greatly improved outcomes for more severe cases of attention-deficits. Computerized testing (TOVA) by a skilled clinician has been helpful in identifying symptoms of attention-deficits in both adults and children If you or someone you love is suffering from ADHD, please call our office for an appointment now. Our compassionate staff provides a safe place and proven techniques for dealing with a variety of issues including ADHD, as well as stress, depression, and grief.

Aspen Family Counseling has counselors experienced with ADHD treatment. (Photo credit: practicalcures.com)

We want to help you reach your best. Our address is 2639 New Pinery Rd. Suite 1 in Portage. Call 608-742-5020 to make an appointment.

P.S. Many people report vast improvement and personal satisfaction when seeking treatment for attention-deficits indicating they didn’t know it would be so easy.

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