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Time For a Change?

Authored by Barry Erath, MSSW, LCSW

Barry Erath is the Clinic Director and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. He specializes in marriage and family issues, childhood and adolescent disorders, ADHD, trauma debriefing, EMDR, school and industry consultation. 

At mid-life, many people re-examine the way they have been coping with stress and decide to make some changes. If so, psychotherapy can provide an effective means of bringing greater satisfaction to one’s life. One very popular type of psychotherapy is “psychodynamic therapy,” which begins with awareness of past experiences and feelings that might unconsciously influence current emotional well-being and functioning. By gaining insight into their motivation and conflicts, it may be possible to develop more productive ways to cope with them.

Another popular form of therapy, “behavioral therapy,” concentrates less on the past and the unconscious and, instead, focuses on ways to change harmful thinking and behavior patterns. The best therapy is the one that works for you. No matter what your age and what your preferred form of therapy, if you feel that you need a change in how you deal with stress, now is a great time to call our office.

Counseling can help you find new ways to cope with stress

Our compassionate counselors can offer a variety of proven techniques and useful tools to help you deal with stress. In addition, we can help if you’re wrestling with depression, anger issues, or anxiety. Call 608-742-5020 today for an appointment. Our address is 2639 New Pinery Rd., Suite 1. Offering you and your family compassionate and professional advice.

P.S. Perhaps the most important aspect of psychotherapy is the dynamic between therapist and client.

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