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Move Your Body

Authored by Anna Fullmer, LCSW

Anna Fullmer is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She works with individuals (children through adulthood) and families.

Moving your body helps to improve your mood, and relieves stress and anxiety. Our bodies were designed for movement. They work best when we move. It has only been in recent years that we have become so sedentary.

Notice how much sitting you do in a day. Consider ways to bring movement into your life. Something easy to work into your day, something enjoyable. Set an alarm to take a stretching or a walking break. Schedule in daily exercise. Join a group or a class. Try something new.

Stretch, walk, run, dance, hike, swim. Play sports. Climb stairs. Develop an exercise routine. Take an exercise class. Practice yoga or tai chi - both are considered to be moving meditations - each practice builds strength, flexibility, and mindfulness.

Improve your mental health - Move your body everyday!

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