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Family Concerns

Authored by Joe Huber, LCSW

Joseph Huber is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who works with family, relationship and children's problems.


When parents are advised to seek counseling for a child with problems at school, the family may eventually be invited to join the sessions. This invitation is predicated on the fact that each family has its own unique personality, which affects all its members. When families experience changing circumstances and demands, there may be a breakdown in communication and understanding among its members. With the help of a therapist, however, a more supportive attitude can be cultivated by focusing on current problems and their practical solutions. Family therapy is geared to helping family members become aware of their reactions and defensive habits. It also encourages them to communicate more openly with one another.

If you feel that your family might benefit from experienced advice from a compassionate counselor, please call 608-742-5020 to make an appointment. We offer a safe place for all members of your family to deal with whatever issues may be affecting them, including grief, substance abuse, anxiety, ADHD, and other common problems. If you feel like you need help, please call us today to make an appointment.

Our address is 2639 New Pinery Rd., Suite 1. Offering you and your family compassionate and professional advice.

P.S.: Family therapy may give young family members a better chance to express their feelings, which might otherwise go unsolicited.

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