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Create a Quiet Space

Anna Fullmer is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She works with individuals (children through adulthood) and families.

Take a moment, where ever you are, and listen. How many human-related sounds do you hear? Look around you, what do you see? Any chaos, clutter, or congested areas? Do you notice feeling stressed or overwhelmed as you look and listen?

Think about a place or a time when you have been peaceful, totally relaxed. What sounds and sights were a part of that experience? What made that experience so relaxing? How can we bring those elements into our lives?

One idea is to create a peaceful space - perhaps a room or part of a room, a bed, a favorite chair, a place in the backyard, a tree or flower bed in a local park. Choose a place you can get to easily and often, preferably daily. If necessary, clear out a space; make it free from clutter, and perhaps bring in a couple of your favorite things and/or natural items, things that support feeling calm.

What items would you bring to your quiet space?

Make time to spend in your quiet space. Schedule 10-30 minutes in your planner, set an alarm on your phone, make taking some quiet time part of your daily routine.

Honor that time - don’t be available, don’t schedule other things during that time, don’t do household chores, turn off your phone, and unplug from electronics/screens, hang up a ‘do not disturb’ sign.

We can all spare 10 minutes a day to take a break, to experience quiet, to bring attention to our breathing and notice our surroundings, to check in with ourselves and regroup. Making this a daily practice helps to reduce our overall stress and enrich our lives.

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