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Childish Behavior at Work

Joseph Huber is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who works with family, relationship and children's problems.

Authored by Joe Huber, LCSW

Does it sometimes seem that your co-workers are acting more like children than the adult professionals that their job descriptions profess them to be? If so, it may help to heed the recent work of a clinical psychologist who says that her research indicates that much of our behavior is governed by the roles we assumed in our families when we were children. So, while workers (including bosses) may take a rational approach to work matters when they are calm, stress may induce a retrograde behavior that is recalled unconsciously form childhood. This may explain why some people throw tantrums while others avoid confrontation or criticism. It may also explain how some people adopt such roles as clowns and rebels.

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P.S. Introspection and counseling may help some people become better “team players” and more productive workers by identifying unwanted childhood behaviors that they may be prone to lapse into and learning to avoid them.

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