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Childhood Victims of Family Trauma

Authored by Joseph Huber, LCSW

Joseph Huber is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who works with family, relationship and children's problems.

Many individuals require psychiatric services because of the effects of family-based trauma. Battery, sexual abuse, and suicide attempts by elder family members are frequent sources of trauma. Whether the child is the target or is merely an eye witness to such abuse or life threatening events, he or she can suffer greatly for many years as a result.

In such cases, an effective early intervention may require a service plan backed up by the authority of a family court. In Wisconsin, this sometimes occurs through a CHIPS (Child in Need of Protection and Services) order. While some children and their parents use voluntary counseling services to stop the cycle of family-based trauma, many are not so fortunate. When effective early intervention doesn't happen, children can be exposed to repeated trauma and police interventions over the years. As a consequence, many children enter their adolescent and adult years with greatly impaired health and personal adjustment.

At Aspen Family Counseling, our clinicians can identify and treat the effects of family-based trauma. With the consent of our clients, we will also cooperate with child welfare social workers and family-court attorneys to develop the best possible plans of care.

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