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Bring On The Heat

Authored by Anna Fullmer, LCSW

Anna Fullmer is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She works with individuals (children through adulthood) and families

There is research being done on heat as a means to help regulate our moods. This is not a new concept. Our ancestors, recent and ancient, had regular practices that included sweat lodges, of sorts, even in Europe. Many of us have heard of or experienced a sauna. If you have access to a sauna or a hot tub, going 4 or more times a week is said to give the best benefit. This kind of intense heat treatment has been found to have strong results in improving and maintaining our mood.

For the rest of us, how can we bring warmth into our everyday lives? Drink a hot beverage or warm soup/broth. Take a hot bath; or soak your feet in hot water. Also, notice when you’re cold. We often don’t pay attention to our bodies’ signals. Put an extra blanket on your bed, as long as it’s still comfortable to sleep. Socks and slippers help to warm cold feet. Dress in layers, so that your body is comfortably warm in various environments.

It’s an interesting idea to play with. Do some experimenting and see if you notice any changes. You may find you feel more nurtured and at ease.

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