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Got Your Back!

Authored by Lori Greer, PsyD

Lori Greer, Psy.D, is a licensed psychologist who works with adults.

Chronic lower back pain is a potentially debilitating condition that prompts afflicted individuals to see a wide range of treatments. It comes as welcome news, therefore, that cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), which is a short-term treatment that aims at challenging and reframing negative believes, may provide relief. While back pain may be a physical pain, CBT can help those suffering from the condition to better manage their pain. To study the effects of this treatment, researchers compared the outcomes afforded by both standard treatment (guidance on staying active and the best use of pain medication) with group therapy (six sessions). After one year, those treated with CBT showed significantly better improvement on disability tests than the group receiving standard treatment.

If you are suffering from chronic pain - in your back or elsewhere - please call our office at 608-742- 5020 to make an appointment. We can have a wide variety of techniques at our disposal to help you deal with chronic pain and begin to enjoy your life again, to the fullest.

In addition to helping coping with pain or even illness, we can also provide assistance with sleep disorders, marriage concerns, and alcohol and drug treatment. Our address is 2639 New Pinery Rd., Suite 1. Offering you and your family compassionate and professional advice.

P.S.: Therapy helps those with chronic back pain identify and break the vicious cycle in which pain causes them to be less active and feel worse.

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